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About Gay Lee

Gay Lee, LCSW-R, is an experienced private psychotherapist, clinician, and administrator in Newburgh, New York, with an extensive background in clinical and administrative social work. She is action-oriented, not a bureaucrat. She doesn't like systems that wrap people up in never-ending social service battles. Ms. Lee is solutions-focused to help people dive deep and resolve their problems in a timely manner. Treatment should not go on for 10 years. Learn more about her experience.

Academic Achievements

Ms. Lee earned her bachelor's in social work from City University of New York, York College, and her master's in social work from Smith College, School of Social Work. Additionally, Ms. Lee completed a Seminar in Social Work Field Instruction at Columbia University.

Licenses & Certifications

She is a New York State Licensed Clinical Social Worker with reimbursement, or "R" privileges. This designation means that Ms. Lee has fulfilled the requirements of the insurance law for supervised experience in providing psychotherapy. Ms. Lee also has an Advanced Training Certificate from the Minuchin Center for the Family, and an Advanced Certificate in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy from the Albert Ellis Institute.

Clinical Training

Ms. Lee has more than 20 years of clinical training. During this time, she excelled at certain forms of therapy, including object relation. She has taught theories of psychosocial development, psychopathology, and counseling techniques. Even with her decades of training, she finds that the basis of successful psychotherapy is to engage people and maintain a healthy therapeutic relationship.

Work History

Ms. Lee's resume is extensive and reflects the kind of spirit that is required to build communities. She uses her experience in counseling, gerontology, family conflict, domestic violence, child advocacy, substance abuse assessment and referral, program and housing development, and a sound understanding of the moral and ethical issues and barriers to work with the underserved population and those who find themselves in costly legal battles. She brought her skillset to the College of New Rochelle, and Columbia University as an Adjunct Professor. Since 1993, Ms.
Lee worked as a:

• Staff Psychotherapist
• Senior Clinical Supervisor
• Program Coordinator
• Adjunct Professor
• Program & Executive Director

Entrepreneurial History

Prior to opening her private clinic, Ms. Lee launched her business, Legayse Corp. in Newburgh, New York. At Legayse Corp. she began an outreach program to help other nonprofit organizations develop responsible programs within their communities.